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15 ways to satisfy a woman in bed

15 ways to satisfy a woman in bed:

Satisfying a woman means paying attention to her needs and desires in your most intimate moments with her.

Making an effort to fulfill them, and doing so respectfully and with her consent.

I'm here to tell you just how you can do that with these 15 tips:
1. Begin with a kiss.

A kiss is a powerful weapon, use it with intensity and lots of passion to ignite her sensually.

2. Extended foreplay will do wonders.

Take time before you penetrate her and this will work like magic.
3. Be a gentleman in bed.

Understand the difference between passion and abuse. Rough love session should be wild and not violent.

4. Dirty talk to spice up your sex life.

Learn to master dirty talking if you want to satisfy her.
5. Whisper sweet nothings

One of the best tricks to give pleasure to women in bed is to keep whispering something nice and sweet in their ears.

6. Perform oral sex.

This is far more enjoyable for her than even penetrative sex.
7. Please your woman by teasing and licking her.

Play with her body and run your hands over it.

8. Go for a quickie.

It is not about going full throttle at all times.
9. Dress well and smell good to please your woman

Hygiene matters when setting the tone for good sex.

10. Ask her what she likes

Instead of imposing your moves, ask your woman how she would like to be loved.
11. Try making out at different places.

Don’t restrict yourself to the bedroom; explore other locations in the house or you may even try outdoor sex to experience that rush of
12. Try using sensual food to satisfy a woman in bed.

13. Love and romance win the day.

A woman loves to be loved before you undress her for a full-on lovemaking session. Romance her and make her feel special before exploring her body.
14. Get a little naughtier to please your wife during sex

Ask her what her wildest fantasies.
15. Here is the key:

Most men don't understand the basic ‘raw’ nature of women.

That's why they ended up in a mess every time.

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